Team Hashtag – Introduction

Hello 🙂 We are team # and we are part of NEmation 8. Our group members consist of Matthew, Ben (me), Joshua and Ryan. We are all cool people, but obviously, I am the coolest 😀


Our team name is Hashtag, which on the surface does not really have a deep inherent meaning to it. However, we feel that the hashtag is a modern way to describe what is trending and happening now, and this deeply relates to our NEmation journey where we want too also want to be trendy. (‘^’)/ We took part in this competition as we all took part last year and we only got to the top 20, hence this year we rejoined to complete the full NEmation journey. Last year, we joined the competition, for reasons in between the lines of randomness and partial interest. However, after experiencing it, we all decided to come back for a second round!

So as mentioned earlier, we are all cool people (obviously, duh) and cool people do cool stuff right? I guess the main thing we are share in common is that we all like to play soccer and computer games. As for interest in animation itself, I guess all of us like animation and would love to do it. For example, I personally tried doing some stick animation with adobe flash some time ago, however it did not turn out well >.<

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