Hey, people!

As you all know we are the UnicornsAndRainbows;) (please remember the wink)  We are all from Orchid Park Secondary School and we are a group of 4 female otakus. (Anime Fans!!!) 

Our group members are Ching Gje, Trish, Xin Pei and Yumi.

Ching Gje is our group leader and she is also the most normal in our weird clique. Trish apparently has a fetish for guys who wears glasses (without realizing it). Yumi has a love for mature guys 😉 and Xin Pei is the shotacon who likes cute guys. 

So our team name is so weird because Xin Pei named it. ( thank God there was no sparkles hahahahahaha)  She’s also the weirdest in our clique :3

-Its probably boring by now cuz’ there’s no pics-

Now lets move on…

So Ching Gje will be ‘Sakura ‘, Trish will be ‘Megane-con‘, Yumi will be ‘Bishie-Lover‘ and Xin Pei will be ‘Windows XP ‘ we’ll use these  names to sign off every time we submit individual posts.

SOOOOO thanks for reading through our boring intro and now we shall just drop a picture here.

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This was done by Ching Gje and it’s still unfinished. Stay tuned for the finished version!

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