Gathering likes? -not so easy…-

Hello there! Fellow people viewers! 😀 This is UnicornsAndRainbows, WindowsXP, speaking!
today my teammates and I tried to gather likes to our webpage——>
Which was really tough…. ._. I thought it was easy. However, when we actually tried to spread the word, it wasn’t that easy. 

First thing is, the moblie app doesn’t allow the people to like the team itself. (When I found out, I freaked out…) people were liking the page instead of the group…
Secondly, I realized how small my group of friends were? I think… (I ran out of people to PM after a while)

Lastly, I was wondering, even if people see it, would they like us? O.o do they have a reason to? What would make them like us? Would they think we are overly desperate, or even annoying(Nah)?<—- thought of all these when I ran out of people to PM.

Am I losing you? I hope not! >_> 
I’m just going to insert a picture, cause you know what they say, pictures speak a thousand words…

47-Votes [Not bad… :P]

Yes. My team’s likes aren’t blossoming. Then, I thought, was my pose in the picture too unglam?
Or are my teammates and I too weird(I get that a lot) to get likes? ._.

At that unanswered question, the day ended. And now, it’s 10.56pm, wayyyyy past my bedtime…

Anyhow, I hope you would comment, like and share(even if you didn’t like it XD)! ^^ your support is kindly appreciated by all of my teammates and others!(You can also view the other Top 10 groups~ Just click the Top 10, I’m sure they would love your support as much as we do!!!) Thank you! ❤
~Sharing is caring?~ Thanks for reading through all the wayyyy~ 😀


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