Momento Mori: PUNishing Possibilities

So yes, maybe it’s time to tell you a little about our story.

Of course, we’re not gonna actually tell you the story. That’s for us to make (3 gruelling weeks of production coming up) and you to watch. But we can tell you a teeny tiny little itsy bitsy bit.

Basically, be mentally prepared to see puns. Yes, puns. It’s very PUNishing, for you and for us.

But no worries, we promise you it’s totally worth it.

We like to joke that every time you hear a pun, it feels like a little part of your soul has died. Hopefully there will be no zombies when our video gets out.

But yes, there, your first little peek into what we’re working on. More to come, yay!

Stay tuned for more!

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