Momento Mori: WHO’S WHO

We’re just a bunch of crazy friends who decided to get together to do this amazing competition.

But who are we, really.

We’re secret agents in disguise, duh.

No, really.

No, not really. But still. It’s time for the introductions! Yay! *claps and nods in self-congratulatory fashion*

First off, there’s CHARLENE, aka Char. She’s our highly esteemed leader. She’s awesome and she has a lot of great ideas. Basically, she’s the one anchoring us down to reality while the rest of us fly on our high unicorns dancing on rainbows.

Then, there’s JANELLE, aka JJ. She’s the artist, the only one of us who can actually draw. Weird, counting that we all joined an animation competition and only 1 out of 4 can draw actual things. The rest of us content ourselves with stick people.

Nest, there’s CLARA, aka CS. (Yes, like CS Lewis, to all you Narnia fans out there. She loves Narnia too yay!) She pretty much does everything else that we don’t do. She keeps us on-task too, even though sometimes she gets sidetracked too. She’s super cute, so be prepared.

Lastly, there’s me, PHOEBE, aka PM. I’m the writer, so-called. Typical Grammar Nazi and the likes, you know. You’ll be reading lots of my long-winded posts, sorry. (Not sorry)

To sum it up: Char leads and eat, JJ draws and cries, PM writes and dies, and CS does everything else!

Stay tuned for more!

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