Momento Mori: The Tumblr Theme Hunt!

Another little spoiler for you (oh we just love to spoil you here take a cookie and a slice of pizza and everything *pun*): our animation has something to do with watches.

That’s right. Watches. Those things that you wear around your wrist that tell you the time.

Now how is this related to the Tumblr theme hunt?

Have you ever had to Google search “Tumblr themes watches” before? No, I thought not. You’d think someone on this huge, vast planet who uses the internet would make a decent Tumblr theme that’s related to watches, but noooooo, all I get is Youtube videos because darn it, watch is a verb as well!

Darn the English vocabulary! Darn synonyms and words with double-meanings!

So here I am, surfing the internet trying to find a decent Tumblr theme and there is NOTHING. They have themes with walking peanuts, but nothing on watches. Why, Tumblr. WHY?

Back to searching!

Stay tuned for more!

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