Momento Mori: Feel The Pau-wer!

Another story from the one-week selection, to make up for the Bunburry one which was totally all over the place, sorry for that. *grins sheepishly*

Okay, so we were slacking productively scanning Facebook when we came across a familiar advertisement for pau…

Yes, pau. You know, that delicious, mouth-watering food that we know and love in Singapore?

The advertisement was familiar because there had been a few special speakers who had come to give us talks about how they made a difference (I’m kind of blurry on the details because I had to leave early that day). One of whom was a man who set up a social enterprise, Pauwer, to help ex-offenders. (I’m sorry if I have any facts wrong. 😦 )

Just then, one of our teachers-in-charge, Mr K, just happened to walk by. It was as if the stars had aligned themselves for that very moment, and we jokingly asked Mr K to buy us the pau.

Guess what. He bought us the pau.

Yes, he bought us the pau.

He bought us the pau.

He bought us the pau.


So all the St Nicks teams got to eat pau! YAY!

And I’ll have you know, the pau was absolutely heavenly. And the speaker himself came to deliver the pau, which was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

(We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our teachers-in-charge. Thank you Mr K for the pau and for all the support, Mr Tham for your words of encouragement and Mr James for your *ahem* watch [refer to previous post about a certain incident regarding aforementioned watch]. Thank you, teachers!)

Stay tuned for more!

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