Momento Mori: We Want To Hear From YOU!

We’re gonna open a Youtube channel soon! Yep, that’s right, you’ll soon be able to not only hear us, but see our gorgeous faces as well! (Yes there might have been a tinge of sarcasm there.)

Of course, we can’t just open a Youtube channel and leave it at that. There’d be nothing for us to do. And we want to have more interaction with all of you. That’s right, you! Because YOU matter that much to us. We want to get to know you better!

So what we’re asking now is for you to give us suggestions as to what we should be putting on our videos. You can suggest anything, really. From questions about ourselves and the group to full-on scripts that you might want us to act out, anything!

Of course, if anything contains *ahem* inappropriate content or anything as such, we’ll revise it accordingly.

We might not be able to do all of the suggestions, but we promise you we’ll try. And give you credit for it too, unless you say you want to remain anonymous, in which case we’ll give you a silly name like Bunburry Lee and question all your motives.

So, go on! Leave us a comment, an email (, a Tweet/DM, anything!

We want to hear from YOU!

Stay tuned for more!

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