Delta-gaytors: Once Upon A Swamp


So we’re back again with one word. FUN. Well at least to us it is, it’s gonna be and will be. Just a few day back, we were called back to Animagine Studio for a short and clear briefing of our production. All we can say is that, loads of surprises coming up. To us and we hope to you too. *hint hint* We have cool props 😀

So in order to get the latest news of our production, live updates, funny moments and sneak peeks of our animation, follow the instructions below!

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Oh you must have realized STEP 4 is new. Yes, we have created a YouTube channel. And we proudly present to you “Once Upon A Swamp”, and in short OUAS. It will be a series of short vlogs or episodes (hopefully less than 5mins). Watch our first episode below!

Okay let’s move on. Just for entertainment purpose, here’s a photo of our OH SO FAMOUS BARNEY basking happily in her luxurious home.

Hmm, ain’t she sexy (okay maybe not). Haha okay guess that’s it for now, see you soon? And before you go PLEASE JUST WATCH OUR VIDEO hahaahahh it’s only 1 min 38 secs!

Barney says SUIT UP! Off Gaytor-ing!

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