Momento Mori: Cliched Advertisement! :P

Yep, it’s me again. This came pretty late, but here it is. Presenting to you our very own cliched advertisement, in words!

*cue mystical music*

Let me tell you a story of four girls…

Once upon a time, during a certain September holiday, four girls were in Nanyang Polytechnic for a mystical competition called NEmation.

These girls had gotten through to Top 100, Top 40 etc… And were hoping to get to Top 10.

Thus, they had fought and competed to get where they were: the freezing computer labs where they planned their pitches to the judges.

Braving the freezing cold in order to type, draw and discuss, the four girls did everything they could to prepare, not to mention prevent any of their appendages from freezing off.

After all that hardwork, the four girls triumphed and got into Top 10!

But plot twist: the girls aren’t controlling their own destinies anymore. They are depending on YOU to get them to the top three, depending on YOU to help them win.

Will you help them?

*aggressively subtly asks you to support us through this competition*

Stay tuned for more!

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