Momento Mori: SHERlocked

It’s time I explained a very important part of our group. Something that is embedded in all of us in some way or another. That thing is SHERLOCK.

In case you don’t know, the Sherlock we are referring to is the BBC1 television series based on the fictional characters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Yes, that Sherlock.

You may be wondering how in the world Sherlock is related to us. But remember, that’s where we got our original group name from!

When we were brainstorming our ideas in the beginning of the competition, we had to do this mindmap thing where we took this year’s theme, “Because You Played A Part, 30 Years of Total Defence”, and drew out every single thing we could relate to it.

Somehow or rather, every single thing could be related to Sherlock.

Yes, every single thing.

Don’t ask me how ’30’ can be linked to Sherlock, I don’t know. (Actually, I do. 30–> 3 and 0–> Season 3 is still not out, ‘not out’ being the 0.)

Also, we actually had two of our stories picked to go into Top 100, and the second story (which we won’t be elaborating on) was a poem called “Not My Division”, which is a Sherlock reference.

So, suffice to say, Sherlock is a big part of us. Therefore, we *aggressively* suggest you do two things ASAP: 1. Like Momento Mori on the Top Ten FB app if you haven’t done so, and 2. WATCH SHERLOCK ❤

Stay tuned for more!

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