Momento Mori: The Fault In Our Storyboard

Hallo it’s me again! We met our instructor, Ms Elaine, this Wednesday! Woohoo! She’s super nice and really cool, and she gave us Cheese Pretz (shhhh don’t tell the teachers, we weren’t supposed to eat outside the canteen whoops). 🙂 The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach after all, so we all love her to death. 😛

But as pleasant as the meeting was, we were also met with a huge surprise. Apparently, the storyboard we had drawn out during the one-week selection hadn’t been shown to them, so the storyboard that had been pitched to the higher authorities was entirely different from ours!

The fact just totally hit us head-on, but what’s done is done, and though Ms Elaine’s going to try to push for us to use at least some scenes from our original storyboard, we’ll probably stick to the one they’ve already developed. It’s not as bad as I paint it, though, so no worries, this should still be a blast. We’ve been warned that it’s still going to be a lot of work (though the original would have been way more).

On the bright side, the voice-over’s been done already, and guess who did it. Chua Enlai! Cool, eh? 😀

So though we’re still kind of shell-shocked by this sudden change, we’re still hyped up for production!

T-minus 11 days to production! (This was typed on 7 Nov.)

Stay tuned for more!

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