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Greetings and salutations where ever or when ever you may be!we’re going to keep this short.

In our previous entry,we gave a very brief intro on our members and our team name.Thus,here is a bit more info on our team members

first is our team leader-Jason.He may seem a bit blur at times but he is probably the most intelligent out of all of us. A pretty good leader as well as the one who contributed the main idea to our story.

second is Elyse-she is a pretty strict but polite person who keeps us in line while we are at work. We could never made dead lines without her to keep us in check.

third is Sze yong-much like Elyse he is a very polite and kind guy albeit a bit clumsy at times.we have fun poking at his mistakes.however,when he has these rare moments,his ideas are good.He is a very important team member

lastly is Jaren- the artsy one in the team (although still not very good at it) the one who does the more artsy stuff in the animation process who is a hardcore anime fan.

In other news (and something totally random) AFA(anime Festival Asia) just ended and it was amazing!Anyways,here are some questions!

did you guys go to AFA this year and what did you enjoy most about it?While your at it,tell us something about yourself-anyhing that you feel comfortable about sharing.

leave a comment about it-or not whatever makes you comfortable.

this is team synch signing out and do support us

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