Day One: Sixty-Eight Dollars and Fifty-Five Cents

You must be wondering why $68.55?

Well it’s $68.55 of junk food. We graced the FairPrice at AMK Hub at 8:04 in the morning, just before the begin of production. And we came out at around 8:30 with 2 boxes full of (you know what). Just take a look at the receipt below:

We hope this much food can last us for 3 weeks but looking at today, they will probably last us 7 days max? 

We also tried some stop mo today on how Gwyn got stabbed.

And just to emphasize, our instructor really look like lobang. Check this out.

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ohhhhh here’s a very bu shuang (just kid din’, kiddo) Teresa working alone, while the rest:



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