An introduction…

Hi everyone!

Here’s a short introduction to our team and everyone:

Partta Kappa: 

Partta=Part of+Art

Kappa=Like college fraternities, ya know? >:D

Year 4 a.k.a. pre-IB students from School of the Arts, Singapore!

So here we have our incomplete group photo.Unlike all other teams, we actually have 5 members…why?Read on!


The only film student in the team. The smallest, but also the craziest. Kah Mun’s a roller coaster. She goes from being crazy hyper(or what we like to call,drunk) one day to just…dead the next. Constantly falling asleep anytime and anywhere, she’s still the one who ups the energy level and enthusiasm in the group. Ugh, cutie.

In school:

Production Day 1:

This gurlll knows how to nap


Veda’s a media arts student passionate about animation, especially movies from Dreamworks Animation. An aspiring animator hoping to be part of either Pixar or Dreamworks, with a dream of touching audiences with the stories she creates. Veda’s a calm, collected and the nicest soul you’ll ever meet. 😉

selfie ft. Jie Lyn in the background pretending to be a chicken


The one with the purple glasses. Like Veda, Jie Lyn’s the other media arts student passionate about animation,illustration and all things silly and comedic. She looks up to John Lasseter, Glen Keane, Jim Henson and the ladies of animation, and could probably spend the rest of her life in Disneyland. Her main job in the group lies in keeping everyone motivated.Woohoo.Go team.



Ysanne’s a design student.Intelligent, witty and open-minded, Ysanne’s technical skills compliment the rest of the team really well, especially during the 1-week selection phase.

With Mr Ellery after Top 10 announcement! 😀


Our fifth member, the only guy in the group. Ryan’s the third media arts student in Partta Kappa who’s passionate about animation. He’s almost always doodling, and gets pretty critical when it comes to discussing animated films, especially Pixar ones. Ryan’s the fun one in the group. And he beatboxes. Due to complications with schedule, Ryan’s taking Ysanne’s place in the 3-week production phase.

against the green screen…

Well there you have it–Partta Kappa.

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Thanks everybody!Till next time~

-Partta Kappa

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