Day Two: Because “I’m a Bimbo”

Second day it is. The freezing environment is getting into us. Rachel’s nose was on the verge of “dropping out” and Gwyneth’s…um almost there.

Well, GOOD NEWS; our pace was much faster than yesterday and we made a little field trip to The Green Screen! Presenting you the contestants of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2:

Cheeky Denise strikes again! Dino? Why not move on to Mr Alvin’s SHOES!

It’s hiding time!

No pictures of bimbo Rachel ’cause she looks like Rudolph today heheh.

As expected, our instructor Dickson was bimbo-fied today. Before we left the studio, he asked us for a few catchy bimbo cheers to learn! And if anyone stayed after dinner, the annoyingly loud and high-pitched singing were actually coming from the “bimbo instructors’ club”. Sorry instructors but these things come naturally.

That’s Cyclops Dickshion, ahem I mean…BIMBOTIC Dickshion. Who insist that we use the picture that he edited. 

That’t all for today.

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Sprinters vs. Bimbos

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