(Gils:ohmygod guys you don’t know how many tears I’ve shed trying to edit this) (Yams: excuse you I’m trying to help)

Megan: Dear Readers whom I believe are in existence, hello (Yams: I read this as Apollo). How have your holidays been? (Tab: I was spending money at AFA buying [K], [Free!] and Hunter x Hunter stuff.) (Yams: So was I and I met a beansprout.)


For the past few days, we have been working longer than the average desk-job worker on our animation. (Tab: fun fact: the average desk-job worker was one of our characters before we tweaked the story.). This is an extremely important point because my brains ache and I think it’s going to explode. (Yams: brains as in like plural.??? more than one brain>>>>??????//) fine Brain aches or ache??? (it’s aches) ahhhhhhhhh .


For your info, we have a working twitter now yaaayy @WayneStarkCo_  (or #NE8C10) (Yams: laughs bc the first one got suspended)

I read what the rest wrote about me…. (Yams: LAUGHtER) and I don’t see how I’m similar to that person which is described in the blog. (Yams: I don’t actually remember what we said about you it’s been that long), I quote “Megan likes Marvel and wants world domination, yay.” written by Gill. I don’t see how I just like Marvel. I also like other stuff. Like Batman. I officially declare that my dear batmans shall be our mascots (Tab: NO FAIR. PUT GRIMMJOW IN TOO). We’ll probably post pictures of them later (Tab: along with my desktop wallpaper which changes every 3 minutes. But for now, it’s Grimmjow.).


Hahaha. Dear Readers please follow and like our pages and stuff. I can never fully emphasize the importance of this (Yams: I can). By following us you are doing us a big favor by proving to Tabs and Gils that you do exist. (Yams: why.)


Yams: Internet friends ilu s/o to you all including the Clay pun makers no one knows what I’m talking about. STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS (Gils: Okay Jee)


Tab: Oh and when the Nemation people said that we’d get our own tents to work in, I imagined an orange camping tent in the middle of the hallway outside the computer lab… it turns out, there’re neither orange tents nor a computer lab… We’ll post pictures of our ‘tent’ later and how we’ve decorated it. (Yams: You’re literally the only one with a poster or anything I just have stars.)(Tab: it’s just Laxus…For now.. It’s not even an actual poster. I wasn’t allowed to bring my Hunter x Hunter poster…-cries in a corner-)(Yams: Space and stars > all of your things)


Tab: I realize that I always mention at least a few anime characters when I type in our blog updates… Bear with me, hopefully-still-there reader (I read that as “Herr reader”…)(Megan: haha “Herr reader” translates into “Mr. Reader” . Are you implying that the reader is a male, cause that is so discriminating.)(Yams: Fffffffffff). I can’t help it. By the way, I’m listening to the [Free!] (-fangirling-) ost I bought at AFA as I write this. ONE OF THE BEST OSTs EVER. OMG, [K] SEASON 2/MOVIE IS GONNA SHOW NEXT YEARRR. I GET TO SEE MY YATA AGAIN -fangirling on the floor and changes music to [K] ost (which is also one of the best OSTs ever)-.


Gils: I just realised I haven’t said anything yet (minus my crying over grammar) but I don’t have anything to say really. Just know that I’m here. (ohyeshere have our links)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/WayneStarkCo_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nemation?sk=app_173234789528248&app_data


Megan:I am daring you to go like that page and follow that account. First person who follows and likes will get $2. (Tab: how will you even pass them the money…)(It doesn’t matter. We haven’t even decided who the winner is yet.) Yeah there is a prize. So go forth, like, and follow. And may the force be with you in this challenge.


(Gils cries in the distance at the prospect of the new doc doc who episode coming out in a few days)(Tab rolls on the floor waiting for the new Hunter x Hunter movie coming out in December.)(Yams already died.)(Megan is just floating there)


Arigatos and sayonaras.


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