Momento Mori: DAY TWOOOOO

So today’s the second day, and we’re all set, knee-deep in asset creation and whatnot.

JJ, as usual, is complaining about the Singapore skyline, while Char is going crazy drawing hands. CS is fixated on the thunderbolts she’s gonna animate tomorrow and me? Well, I’m pretty chill yeah, counting that I’m pretty finished with what I have to do. πŸ˜›

We actually had our school’s Official Opening Ceremony today. It was a Very Important Event and we Absolutely Had To Go. Which was why we actually MISSED HALF A DAY OF PRODUCTION AND ONLY CAME IN AFTER LUNCH. But being the girls of grace that we are (it’s on our fullscap paper), we accepted this as a Very Big Challenge and we Did Our Absolute Best. (I capitalize random words When I Feel Like It or when I think it is Very Important or I happen to feel Very Sarcastic. You judge for yourself exactly What This Is.)

So there, our second day of production!

Oh, plus early in the morning, we made a turtle burger with JJ’s turtle toys!

JJ's turtle burger. (She was hugging another turtle when this was taken. Turtleceptiooooon!)

Stay tuned for more!

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