Momento Mori: From The Studio!

Heyyyy! So we’re in our tent now, which is pretty big. It’s not the camping kind of tent, more of a square circus tent. It’s pretty cool!

So we’ve started on production, and it’s driving some of us (JJ) crazy. We’re doing asset creation first, which means we make the stuff that we’re going to use later on to animate.

It’s pretty fun. Unless you’re JJ, that is.

JJ’s the most artistically-inclined one out of us all, so she has the harder scenes that require a lot of actual drawing. The rest of us get the easier text scenes, and those that are easily drawn.

But just because it’s easier doesn’t mean it’s easy. I had to make a clock gear and it was the most frustrating thing ever.

You’d think we’d be complaining the whole way, but we’ve agreed we’ll all work in isolation to get the maximum results. Not totally quiet all the time, of course. We’re not exactly that skilled in the art of keeping quiet, so you can’t really expect us to stay totally silent.

(You see, we can be serious once in a while when need be!)

So basically, you get a lot of noise from our tent from time to time.

We’ve got a busy schedule though, so we’re mostly occupied.

Our packed schedule 0.0</

Things that we've been complaining about:
-HDB Flats (JJ- “They look like coffee cups. COFFEE CUPS.”)
-Gears (Me)
-Singapore skyline (JJ- “I’ve decided I hate the Singapore skyline ugh.”)
-Singapore flag (JJ- “I don’t want to draw the stars and the moon!”)

Yeah, it’s mostly JJ complaining.

All that aside, we’re doing pretty well, despite the freezing cold of NYP Lounge and the fact that we aren’t supposed to eat in our tents. We do it anyways.

Stay tuned for more!

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