PACA! at the production hall (day 2)

to sum up the past 2 days :

‘nooo what is this’

‘huh what did I just do’

‘crap I didn’t put another layer’

‘I’m so done with this’

‘remember to save your work’

‘and drink water’

‘omg no’

*angsty sounds*

*more angsty sounds*


hahah for the past 2 days, team paca have started production!! although tiring, it was actually loads of fun because we could angst it out with one another and doING EVE

RYTHING TGT IS FUN.  today was a little more rush as we came late (because we had opening ceremony) and arrived at nyp at 1 and we went to eat and shamelessly promo the yong tau fu shop because the soup is seriously A+++ the best eva no joke go try  and

we had to rush the work which we didn’t finish on the first day ((the best way to start: be behind schedule hahah)) and we had to draw hdb flats and a  helicopter ASAP ((xt and Tricia officially dislike hdb flats now bc we took average of 4-5hrs to do it and it was paINFUL))

and Sheryl and grace being more talented obviously were doing the characters with ease and there was a lot of angsting going on because what do you expect from teenage girls pleaz  and we thought we would fail and be behind time but NO we were victorious ((somewhat))

and this is totally irrelevant but OUR TENT WAS SO COOL on a level of 1-Antarctica the tent was probably as cool as the production place ((which is srsly the coldest place ever we brought scarves and gloves here))

and we tried to close the curtain door thing today but it took a



time  but we got it in the end ((we literally sat there for 5 minutes wondering how to un-knot the knot))

and we have a snacks place outside with food and milo and drinks and tea and LONDON CHOCOLATE ROLL XIANG YAO YOU MEI WEI and it’s the best the snacks are enough to win us over in life

and we don’t have a pic of her but our instructor’s ms Jamie and she’s supppppper nice and hella cool and she puts up with our wackiness so that’s very bagus

we’re looking forward to day 3 of production aka the last drawing day ((bye hdb flats and pimple boy))

stay tune for more updates!1!1!!




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