Hey everyone!

We’re back! πŸ˜€

We’ll be talking about the 3 additional days we had just before production week officially started.

So on the 14th, 15th and 16th of November (that’s a thursday, friday and saturday), we gathered back at NYP with our dearest(and cutest^^) instructor Jamie. We first proceeded to our production tent, which was wayyyy cool :

awaiting Jamie to brief us on our production…

We then noticed that we all had our storyboards pinned(taped) up on the, erm, walls of our tent and obviously it looked nothing like what we had during our superpitch so we needed loads of explanation, of which we eventually got, but also left us super confused.

Turns out that our idea of using shadows for our animation(stay tuned for more about our story…>:D)requires a live green screen shoot(cool,I know right) and us getting all techie mode and merging that with digital 2-D animation.That’s not all, our story also requires that we do a (wait for it..)..LIVE SHOOT with this, hell yeah(or not? :P).

So basically, the final product is actually gonna be a video–our 2D animation will be projected on a white wall and an actor will be filmed live interacting with the projection. Apparently it’s the first time this is being done in N.E.mation, so..yay for originality.

We returned on Friday and Saturday for the shoot, where we had actors coming in to be the shadows(the ones which will subsequently be keyed in After Effects as part of the 2D animated projection). That’s (above) a photo of Jamie with our actor for the civil defense shadow actor Kashyap.

It wasn’t an easy process; we filmed 8 actors(two of whom were Jie Lyn and Ryan!) in 2 whole days(9am-8pm+ both days). We had to do many retakes because our actors needed to understand exactly what we’re looking for in their acting, while also looking out for the technical aspects such as keeping the lighting and camera consistent and making sure our actors were in-frame(ie. within the green screen).

we had to tape our tripod stand to the ground


our attempt to be creative with the clapperboard thingy..

After the 2 days we successfully got all our filming for the shadows done, which was a draining but certainly rewarding process. We’d like to thank Jamie(especially Jamie) and all the instructors and actors for putting up with us and doing so so so so so much prep etc for us. You’re all amazing people #duh .

We’ll be keeping you guys updated over production week! Check back with us again on updates of our progress as well as more about our story!See you real soon! πŸ˜‰

-Partta Kappa

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