We are productive (and have a twitter)

Hello non-existent readers! It’s Gils again (grumble grumble my team members are being annoying and won’t blog grumble) .So anyways, against my lovely team members’ decisions, I have stuff to share with you guys yay! But first, a little background to this stuff

During our last few weeks of school, because MG ends early, our lovely mentor-trainer-Animagine-person, Yan Ting, came down to school to “train” us- helping us prep our character designs and stuff and practice animation etceteras etceteras.


But us being us, we um did stuff.

And by stuff, I mean totally different stuff from what we were supposed to be doing.

(We said we were totes going to win remember.)

AND SO today, against my dear (and kinda lazy) team mates’ wishes, I am going to share this stuff with you all today yaaay (or maybe just like one of the things, I don’t feel like being murdered so).




WE HAVE A PROPER WORKING TWITTER NOW (So yell at us at either #NE8C10 or @waynestarkco_ pls)

and/or like our facebook page.



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