We’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guyssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?

The Nemation has started!!!!!!!! WOOOO!!! HAHAHAHOHOHO!

 Yupyup! It has started and we are  SUPER DUPER DUPER DUPERLICIOUSLY EXCITED  to share with you what our story is ABOUT!!!(…duperlicious? 0.O… oh wells) hmm… where were we? 

Oh ya, sharing our story…WAIT!


Before we tell you guys anything, Dairy Products would like to say: Gomen nasai!!!! OTL

It’s been …….it’s been…….hmmm……it’s been…..ehhhh….. a really really long time since we’ve last posted on the blog. For that, Dairy Products SINCERELY APOLOGISE for the late blog post. SORRY!!!!

Nevertheless, this does not mean that we’ve been dead the past few days!!!!! >;D

Hurhurhur… EXCITED to know our progresssssss~~~~~???? *wiggle wiggle eye browns* (We can’t reveal our story yet ;D)

If you guys have been following us, we are super active on instagram~! So if ya wanna look at some of the pictures taken, FOLLOW US!!!!






Ok. Enough of promoting…for the mean while.

So… before the actual production, our responsible leader, Ian and committed Beatrice (Ahem, that’s me =P) visited the tent in NYP to view the shooting. It was extremely cool! We got to see how the behind-the-scene shooting was like! There was an already set-up green screen with super cool lightings set up around it! We also get to meet our main actors – Winstar and Sharon. They are AWESOME people! (^o^)/  

& We took the opportunity to interview them! Winstar’s interview clip is already uploaded on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugO7VyH_1l4) so feel free to click the link to watch it!

Oh, and I apologise for the watermark T^T . I downloaded the trail version and edited the video, only realizing that there will be a watermark after I converted it 😡 . But, what’s important is the content!!!! So do watch it! =D

Yesterday was the first day of the NEmation production. It was more of a relaxing day – getting to know housekeeping rules, practice softwares, download needed files, did trial composition and lax a bit before the following killer weeks to come…. Yup! That was how yesterday went. 

But the race starts today!!!! Hehhehhehhehheh~~~

Today was a tough day for most of us as we had some challenges here and there. I almost lost my work again =X Fortunately, I saved it before it crashed (^w^)y”

To conclude the day, we did some magic: making characters move, animating them, cropping them and ABRACADABRA!!! We are half way through making and inventing the right formula for our final magical potion! However, we lack some ingredients to make the ULTIMATE Dairy Product and we need your help on this (=*w*=)b

It’s just three simple steps 

1. Press on this link –> https://www.facebook.com/nemation/app_173234789528248

2. Search Dairy Products (School of the Arts)

3. Press Like

KEKEKEKEKKEKEKE Okie Dokie! That’s all we have for today! (^v^)/” ~Adios

Ahem! Before I go… One last thing…


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