DAY 3 – finished characters and props!!

DAY 3 😀

WE HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED OUR CHARACTERS AND PROPS YAY it is definitely a worthy accomplishment to celebrate since we had been rushing and hardcore drawing on Photoshop the past 3 days to get things done so the real exciting part – animating can finally begin.

the last time we checked, animating one frog jump that lasts 5 secs took up half a day. well, we can expect more hardcore rushing and crying while animating but in the meantime, a quick update on todayyy.

we started out as usual the drawing and the sad boring cold cold morning. but everything went pretty smooth and we thought we would probably be finally earlier than our planned schedule so cheeky tong and tricia decided to do some morning stretching or something on the ground:

and did some form of plank for one minute before accepting their fate to go back to work

then, in early afternoon, our helper, yun qi, came in to help us edit out characters and props. she was really nice, although there wasn’t really conversation between us and her haha awkwaaarrrd.

BUT AFTER LUNCH THERE WAS A DISCOVERY. we found out that she was in fact an anime fan LIKE US and she knew Free! and SNK (calling out to otakus in the world out there)

immediate spazzing took place hahahahaha 

so all three of us got pretty distracted having this whole conversation on who we ship and what characters we liked in Free! only tricia stayed sane and didn’t join the craze becos she have yet to delve deep and dark BUT SOON SOON SHE WOULD.

to end off the chaotic and tiring but kinda fun day, we are really glad we finished our work although after all that procrastinating we were only just on time. thanks to ms Jamie and of course, our fellow snk fan, ms yun qi for all their help and tomorrow, more work awaits us.

stay tuned for more updates! we have been procrastinating but we hope to get a webcam done (whoops) and tomorrow, our groups assigned blogger, Ambassador Karen, is coming down to guide us!! so look out for exciting news!!

lastly, of course the usual promo!!




TO END IT OF MY DEEREST FELLOW FOLKS, a pun (ESP for snk fans yes it’s your time to shine)

what are titans made of??



here’s a paca, there’s a paca, paca paca duck!! 🙂

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