Day Three: Bring Out The Trash

A B C, its easy as one two THREE! Its the third day of production! Rachel has recovered but Gwyneth’s condition worsened and she needs vitamin YOUNEmation production started this Monday and its Day 3 today! please head on over to our facebook page and like it! follow us on twitter and intasgram as well! @deltagaytors 🙂 </p><br /><br /><br />
<p>Though it's only the third day, I'm already falling sick 😦 Rachel caught the flu bug yesterday but she's recovering alr 🙂 so WE NEED VITAMIN YOU so that we can stay strong and fight fight fight fight through these three weeks! so vitamin YOU, head on over to facebook page and like it!! from there, you can read our blog posts, see our tweets(follow us), and see our instagram posts(follow us)! so yes, vitamin YOU, click this fabulous link and do what you ought to do 😉 its remedy for quicker remedy, so take pity on me and like the page so that I won't sound like I'm about to die teehee

so head over to our facebook page  (  and like it! its her remedy for recovery!

Haha! Today was a mega cheeky day. We (again) went to chase after our modelling dreams before kicking off the day’s work. Don’t you think we have lots of potential?

After the 30 mins of feeling like Cara Delevingne, we started work and halfway through got distracted because our radars picked up traces of a bunny within the production site! Just kidding, Mr Dickson told us that.

After leaving reluctantly leaving, you guessed it right, we continued working again. And then lunch and then work again and then distractions again and work and distractions and work. You get the flow. BUT that’s not it.

We started our first prank by pasting a picture of our beautiful faces over Team Hashtag’s group photo in their tent heheheeh! (Sorry…not sorry) Then Gwyneth decided to take refuge in her sleeping bag cos her flu was really getting to her and all hell broke loose 😛 from a snuggle in her sleeping bag, she soon started crawling around in her sleeping bag, being retarded and doing nonsense.

THEN the idea to embark on our trash bag prank came! *TING TING* So we wrapped Denise up with a trash bag and we camouflaged her and set her in the common area, let the fun begin 😉

But unfortunately, you’ve got to wait. Wait for Episode 4 of OUAS and you’ll see!

As for the photo prank, it was a pretty successful, maybe? Their reactions were bah funneh and their method of retaliation was to draw on our smexy faces (P.s. Amazing drawing skills)

And hey just a reminder, our dear neighbour. We are just an alley away, and you don’t exactly have the softest voices. Hence, please don’t plan your scheming paybacks too obviously.

Well that’s about it for today. But let us just leak one more thing about our instructor…..he’s got VERY sick dance moves. VERY.


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