Hashtag: Day Four – Awesome Actors :)

Time passes by so fast! It’s already day four! We have just finished all the main character shots (almost all :P) and we are so excited for what is to come! Anyway here are some behind the scene action shots!

So throughout the long shoot today, much water was consumed. I guess that’s what a director needs πŸ˜€ Hey, don’t judge, I had to count the individual seconds, for each scene, multiple takes :O

And also throughout the day, much randomness was had… And no, I am not THAT fat. A little fat but that was a pillow in my jacket XD Hey! I am not fat okay 😦

Anyway, thanks to the awesome acts by our even awesomer actors! They made it possible for our animation to come to live! Also, Yi Xiang’s rabbit for being a great ??? that helped us πŸ™‚

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