Partta Kappa on Production Day 1!

Hello!This is Jie Lyn typing for Day 1 of production!

Production week has finally begun!

Mr El kicked off today with a briefing, reminding us of what we’re in for for the next 3 weeks, and of course,the prizes.
Oh man, the prizes. All the prizes look great really, but still. Nothing compares with the grand prize–the trip to the USA! And when he mentioned visiting Walt Disney Animation Studios, my heart totally skipped a beat,like, I can’t believe THIS is  actually up for grabs now.

 Most people know that I love all things disney and pixar etc etc but i’m not just a geek for stuff like that, it really means a whole lot for me(and the rest of my team) if we actually get the opportunity to visit this legendary workplace, especially since 3 out of 4 of us hope to be part of the industry in future.

Insecure as I may feel with how our social media stuff is currently going(not looking good guys…NOT LOOKING GOOD )-:  ), I, and on behalf of Partta Kappa, can however safely say that we’re looking forward to an amazing and enriching process making the animation as well as in our endeavors to gather votes next year. Regardless of the result. In fact, being in the Top 10, working with dedicated and talented instructors, the experience of making the animation, having it screened on national TV(!!!!!), an endless supply of food in the pantry and koufu vouchers…And we’re not even paying for any of this..

…hey, we’re winners already. :’)

That aside, we proceeded back to our tent and started setting up.Kah Mun and I bought Tinsels, a little christmas tree as well as butt cushions for all of us(including our instructor!).

Veda helping with the tinsels

Our little tree! Ryan shines some light on it so it’ll grow(not really hehe) :3

Big bird, Mike and Woody are in the house too! >:D

We spotted this guy on the chair next to our instructor’s table…Hmmm.. :3

And then it was time to get down to work!All of us were on individual computers working on the digital attributes, which was tiring and we had loads of trouble getting used to Toon Boom and Adobe illustrator. Here’s some of what I was working on:


Wanna know more about our story?

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-Jie Lyn


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