Hello everyone!

To conclude our 2 days of pre-production green screen shoots, we couldn’t help but take advantage of the set–THE GREEN(BLUE) SCREEN!It’s not everyday you get to have a giant green screen right there for you to get crazy with.

And so it begins.Someone get the camera out please.


setting up the blue screen


Awkward shot as Kah Mun uses Jie Lyn as a couch for her model pose



She just gets all the attention.



 ♫The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed ♫” -_-

The solo vogue model shots:

And the kidnap shots:

Our faces say it all.


And here’s us packing up and getting ready to leave:

Well, that was how we spent the last hour or so of our last day of shooting. Honestly that was pretty pointless in terms of us being productive and getting work done, but in that alone we had so much fun and we felt totally bonded as a team;it was like doing a family photoshoot! :’)

We’re totally pumped up for production to actually start now. GO PARTTA KAPPA!

Thanks again to Jamie for taking  these silly pics of us! 😀

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Thanks everybody!Till next time! 🙂

-Partta Kappa


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