Week 1 of the production (les see how it goes)

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Hey ladies and mentlegen

Its day 4 the production (harhar) and things are currently going pretty smooth on our side here, we are currently on time on schedule, well actually earlier then the time we predicted to end the composing and continue on with the fun part, which is the printing and placing of the photo pieces. It will be very exciting, we promise that and snippets of the film will begin to show at about…. next week mid-end, hmmmm roughly around that area.

So noooowwww, lets throw the “boring” (totally not)  stuff away and lets bring in more fun stuff. Lets ask this, how many of you guys have toys? ( pretty sure you guys have some )  so noww, we have brought toys to the studio to have some fun. So I have decided to bring bakugan, pop up ball toys that you may have seen before. Well i admit it i still play them and they are fun to me. i have always kept them since i was young (11) to remember how it was like to feel young again (totally) but yes, its true. Its hard to remember  and feel what is it like to be a kid again with all that homework and parents bugging you all day (HAHA). So today’s final question, what and how would you do to make yourself feel like a kid again? Any specific childhood toys you have and want to share with us? And  please, ladies and gentlemen follow up on our future blog post, share with your friends, and most of all, feel free to comment on the things that we post and share it with your friends.

– dewei in punning cramp 😦

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