Day Four: Spray Wars

Today our manpower was down by half. Literally. Our two lovely (maybe just a little bit lovely) councillors had council camp but Teresa came later on, though Rachel the bimbzz left early (BOYCE AVENUE WAS APPARENTLY MORE IMPORTANT THAN US).

We finally began animating our characters! (/INSERTS APPLAUSE/) It wasn’t as painful as we thought it would be, thankfully.

Bobby Brown also stayed a while in the tent, and finally settling down in Gwyn’s sleeping bag after Teresa’s bunny coaxing.

Work aside, we played rather sly pranks on our neighbours and instructors! (MUAHAHAHA). Mr. Dickson and sweet little Denise had spray wars today; she sprayed girlie-smelling body mist on him and he sprayed branded cologne on her. They both then thought about how they were going to explain the smells to their parents, well only after making the whole production site smell like a perfume store. (Go reflect, kids!) (Was it mentioned that Denise also kindly girlie-fied Mr Dickson and Mr Alvin’s bags? I guess not, whoopsies!)

After spray wars, we went back to animating (of course, we aren’t that much of slackers, not like ahem). Rachel and Denise decided to kindly donate our M&M’s to the ‘lovely’ neighbours (who called us ‘enemies’), which they engulfed (word changed from “swallowed” by Teresa) rather quickly, leaving a disappointed Teresa finding out in a rather harsh way..:(

Part two of spray wars happened after dinner, well not really a war since the enemy didn’t fire back.. Denise and Teresa decided it would be fun for Mr. Alvin to sit on a chair coated with two different types of Dettol air freshener! His reaction was rather subtle, but we all (including ‘beloved’ Hashtag) all erupted into laughter, okay maybe just Matthew erupted, the rest of us merely burst.“Ew, why is my chair wet?”

And here’s a snapshot of our “beloved” neighbours giving a shot at “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. Which Teresa would gladly comment that everything was torn after their wonderful singing.

In the mean time, we also spiked Ms. Hazel’s Oolong Tea with nine packets of sugar. She took pretty long to drink it, thus the video on Teresa’s phone should be just a little teeny weeny long *

Her reaction video will be up soon!

Guess that’s it for now, no?

off-gaytoring 🙂


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