Hashtag: Day Five – End of the Week :(

This is Hashtag once again! Today, we began the day with some awesome breakfast from Delta Gaytors (thanks gals!). Yes that is chocolate for breakfast, not exactly a balanced diet 😛

Today, we did some filming for some side characters like the neighbour and the father as well as some keying for some of the scenes. Keying was mostly done by the awesome Ryan. Damn, I wish I had his After Effects/Photoshop skills 😦

So anyway, during the filming, most of the filming involved the throwing of apples. Guess what happened to those apples…

Sadly to say, apples WERE hurt during this production. How you like them apples 😦 Anyway, here’s a sneak-peak video for some behind the scenes camera filming. Yes, that is cameraception – taking a camera video of a camera taking a video on a green screen.

Anyway, this is Hashtag, signing off for the night. Peace :3

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