Momento Mori: Animation Withdrawal

I woke up this morning and my first thought of the day was, oh animation at 9am.

Of course, it’s Saturday, which means 2 things:

1. There isn’t NEmation today, and
2. The first week is really, truly over.

I’m having animation withdrawal symptoms.

One of the things that we use a lot when we’re using Adobe Flash to animate is the Ctrl-Z button (I think I mentioned this before). Well, I did something wrong in real life today and immediately thought ‘CTRL-Z!!!”

I think Flash is taking over my life. Pity we’re not getting Flash as one of the Top Ten prizes. I mean, Toonboom is cool, but Flash is (to me) easier.

Frankly, I feel very disorientated without going to NYP to do animation. Without the ridiculously cold climate, the frequent reminders to drink water and save work, and the comfort of random fluffy stuffed toys always at hand as we stare at the screen, I feel like something is… absent from the day.

Yes, I am definitely having withdrawal symptoms.

Ah well. It’s good to take a break though!

So, first week’s over, two more to go. JIA YOU! 😀

Stay tuned for more!

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