Momento Mori: Blog Post Overload

So we just went for a debrief (it’s the end of day four btw) and apparently -surprise surprise- we have the most blogposts!

Well, I am ridiculously burdened with time and GLORIOUS PURPOSE. Pretty sure you guys are sick of me now whoopsie daisy. But ah well.

Day four is officially ending and we’re all on animation now, even JJ, whose asset creation was supposed to take longer but didn’t. Yayyyyy. Animation is difficult but fun. Except when you get something wrong and end up Ctrl-Z-ing everything. (Which happened more times than necessary.)

Though, tell the truth, we’ve been Tumblring a lot of the day away.

So that’s the end of day 4! Expect blogpost overloads, not just from me, but probably from the other groups too! 😛

Ms Elaine, burdened by Glorious Purpose as she helps JJ iron out some problems in her animation.

Stay tuned for more!

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