Momento Mori: Seriously, Sarah!

Our ambassador, Ms Sarah, JUST CAME! And guess what.

She speaks Tumblr and is the Singapore NanoWriMo ML!

(You probably don’t know what NanoWriMo is. Go Google it. I’m the only one who actually knows it in the group but I’m also the one writing the post so ah well.)

So, as expected, when two or more Tumblr-ers are gathered together, we WRECKED HAVOC– okay, no. We just made a lot of noise and laughed a lot.

We introduced our awesome storyboard to her and told her a few stories in our short first week of production. (Mostly the stories we’ve been telling you, so I’m not going to repeat them.)

She also pulled the shoelace question (it’s a Tumblr thing), and JJ was the fastest to react and answer correctly, thus upholding our Tumblr image. (Thank goodness!)

It was really enjoyable, and I think I speak for the others too when I say I really look forward to our next meeting! πŸ˜€

Stay tuned for more!

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