Momento Mori: Water Bottle Guy

If you have seen our Tumblr posts, you would have seen the conversation that had occurred with the water bottle guy, now known as Shafiq (apparently that’s his name).

The rundown of the matter is that Char was having problems opening her bottle of water and asked me for help. Being 300% done with the whole unopenable water bottles, I promptly took out a penknife and cut that part between the ring-thingy and the cap (I hope you undrstand that description. If you don’t please ignore). Except, that doesn’t open the bottle. It just detaches the cap from that ring-thingy.

That’s when the water bottle guy Shafiq came and very easily twisted off the cap. (HOW HOW HOW???)

After which, he walked off to see JJ’s animation stuff. I turned to Char and whispered in what I thought was soft enough that he wouldn’t hear, “Who’s he?” (I swear it’s just a question.) BUT apparently her could hear so whoopdeedoo he replied that he was with the video production crew. Whoops.

With this whole comical scene, I posted the whole conversation on Tumblr, Char took a pic of him and we posted that on Tumblr too. This amused all of them (‘them’ being Ms Elaine and Shafiq, who proceeded to bring the camera crew, one by one, to see his own blogpost).

Shafiq the water bottle guy.


Stay tuned for more!

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