Partta Kappa on Production Day 3!

What’s up folks! 

It’s Partta Kappa’s daily update on production period!

Today’s work was a continuation of yesterday’s, where we each continued working individually on the digital attributes we’ve each been assigned to. Progress is slow but steady, but we can safely say that Veda’s part–animating the backdrop for one of the scenes–is turning out really well. #hintforourstory (and yes, we know hashtags don’t work here, but whatever). She’s animating trees and bushes, here’s an early stage(It looks a lot more developed and pretty darn awesome now):


Also some interesting little events that happened today:

1. Bobby Brown the bunny in the house!

While we were all working hard on the computers, Jamie suddenly came up to us and was like, “come y’all very stressed some i show you something!Come come!” and we went into the green screen room, and there, on a stool,WE SAW HIM. He’s a furball, he’s so precious :3 

He’s the tamest bunny we’ve ever met who doesn’t scratch or do anything to you, like you could literally put your finger on his adorable little bunny mouth and he’ll just let you pet him all you want.Amazing. And totes adorbz.

2. Street beggars

so we came across these guys:

^omg that bear looks like he could kill you 

3. Avoiding OT and Alvin’s socks

So initially we actually thought of working past dinner time today because we’ve encountered loads of problems with keying today and we were slightly behind, but phew, i guess we managed to do just enough to be okay in our schedule, so good on us 🙂 Before leaving Alvin came over to help us a little with keying and we realized something about his socks:



 Well that’s it for today!

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Thanks for reading! See you real soon! 🙂




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