Partta Kappa on Production Day 4!

Hello! Kah Mun here!:)

Im gonna be writing from my perspective for this post!:)

 So the day started with me getting the text “Guys, someone wrecked our tent” from Jie Lyn. Not a good start. But when I reached I realized ‘wrecked’ meant our tent decorations (Christmas tree and soft toys) were stolen to create a big art installation with toys and stuff stolen, taken from around the whole studio and even an artist statement printed by the instructors.

Brilliant really. Hilarious.

^These guys were kidnapped

(unfortunately we can’t post the picture here because apparently it’s not allowed(?), but if you’d like to see it, just come to one of us and we’ll show it to you! >:) )


 So today I had to continue compositing the shadow clips using After Effects.It is totally new software to me; it looks similar to Final Cut but very different in application and content too. It was horribly frustrating to composite everything smoothly because all the human positions were never consistent and there were little jerks that were just abrupt and not professional looking. It was giving e a headache, but of course when I get one done well its immensely satisfying.

#hintforourstory : That’s ^ our final scene!


In the meantime, I played with Bobby Brown the rabbit to de-stress, he was the pet of one of the actors. In 2 days I went from not touching a rabbit much before to having one in my hoody, teeth just centi-millimeters away from my head!



After lunch I crashed after sleeping at 2 the night before and took a nap. When I woke, our instructor, Jamie told us we all had to make some changes to our works to fit this safe frame that adapts to different tv (e.g HD and non HD). That meant I had to change the animation again and I was getting frustrated and loosing morale I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do this and Il let the whole team down. Far cry from my super hyper self during our green screen shoots.

 Before I fell completely into the ravine of desolation, Karen our blogger ambassador came and the whole atmosphere was lifted. She is really friendly and perky. Her photographer husband followed her and it was all real cute. We had a lot of fun talking to her about SOTA, about the origins of our team name, about how our story was created and changed along the way, and how much this whole experience means to us.

 We were just being our goofy selves, taking back our toys from the installation and having a real fun mini photo shoot. All the pics are with James or Karen’s husband, so if we manage to get them we will definitely post them up for all of y’all to laugh at.

 I was going to miss the next meeting with her because I’ll be in Japan for a film fest. She planned for us to make  video about us and our antics to let the public get to know us better. And cuz I’m the crazy of the group Kare really nicely changed her schedule to come on Monday instead of Wednesday so I could be there before I fly off that night.

 I’d say im naturally crazy but I cant be crazy on camera its all the candid stuff I say and do that makes me a goofball

It gonna be awks…

When Karen left we went for an early dinner before Koufu closes. Dinner with Caleb from our junior team Dairy Products was hilarious when we caught Ryan putting rice into a bottle and we were like WTH? He then told us about his eastern medicine shiz involving the ‘balance of chi’ through multiple stuff including massages and acupressure. We were all laughing so hard, and Ryan was just watching us, silent and un-amused.

 Then I pointed to Veda’s steak and asked what if you’re eating pork do you put that in the bottle still?

Ryan is Pescetarian.He doesn’t eat land animals.

Another round of long unrestrained laughter ensued.

I love our group.


After dinner we were al pumped and the remainder of the night was productiveJ in fact according to the debrief we had, we were ahead of time!

By the time we finished debriefing it was past 9 and we were the last group around. We made our wacko Partta Kappa 5 people handshake cheer! (link thumbs and pinkies!)

Our PK handshake! 🙂


All the while we were hearing bad singing over the PA .

After we packed up, we went to find the source of it. Turns out was Dickson and two other female instructors. Singing along to the smoole singing app on the Ipad. OVER THE FRIGGIN PA.

Of course in a genuine YOLO moment we joined in. Ryan and I singing and rapping, Jie lyn laughing and veda recording.

Or more like ryan and I embarrassing ourselves and being cool with that lol.

We sang blurred lines which was horribly difficult. We got one star for that hahaha. Then we sang Airplanes by B.O.B feat Hayley Williams (LOVE HER).

A song I love love love and I was rapping out loud to the whole song for the first time. Felt great. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves. What was a great end to the night. 

Us with our 1 star *

What an eventful day. Everything was coming together, our social media aspect reach is growing. We are ahead of schedule. Our scenes are actually starting to come together from separate parts. Feels amazing.I’m starting to see the satisfaction of seeing a complete work and why animators go through so much for it.

And I’m not even there yet. Can’t wait to reach the end😀

And I’ll be savoring every step of the way.

Bitter or sweet.

 Today was such a rollercoaster. Felt the lowest and highest points of our days so far. So motivated to do this WITH NO REGRETS!


 On a last note, I will be in japan the next whole week (tho im coming on Monday)

Real happy I’m gone the second week because I was present and able to help and contribute during the software heaviest part (week 1). Which is only fair and something I was prepared and even somewhat eager for as well when I signed up. I am learning and getting exposed to new stuff everyday and that’s exactly what I want.

 Sadly I’m gonna miss the live test shoot conducted by us in prep for the real one on week 3. Which would be fun. But at least I know that I was able to contribute as much as I could while I was here. Also, I’ll be missing Dr Jia Jia’s visit on wed AND im the only one from the group who actualy watches himL And he is so cute and I really want to squeeze hug a kid after Bobby Brown. Sigh.

 I wish my mates all the best of luck and thank you for tolerating all my crazy and I’m so happy everything is actually starting to fall into place to form the picture I’m so eager to see.


-Kah Mun

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