Partta Kappa on Production Day 5!

Hey ya’ll!

Today marks the last day of production week 1! Woohoo we’ve gotten through the first 5(and 3 extra for our team) days! πŸ˜€ ALIVE! πŸ™‚

We worked our butts off today!Couple of things happened, which got us happy, sad, frustrated,crazy and all.

Today’s highlights include:

1.Ysanne’s visit

Ysanne’s absence explains Ryan’s presence in these 3 weeks of production. With Ryan being Ysanne’s replacement, she’s no longer required to attend the rest of NE8. So today, she came down to our production workspace to visit us, which was very sweet of her. Here’s a photo we took together:

The complete Partta Kappa ❀

It’s been great having Ryan in Partta Kappa, but Ysanne’s part of the reason why we’re even here. We’re grateful that you’re taking this well Ysanne!And thanks for being a good sport! But then again, we consider Ryan the fifth member of Partta Kappa because you’re still part of the original 4!Thanks Β to Ysanne for the visit! πŸ™‚

2. New group photo taken!

Ever since production started, all our tents have been marked with a group photo of each team, and our team still had this photo:


Now this has caused Ryan to be made fun of a lot by us, we’d all look at the photo and be like,“Aww look Ryan changed so much!”

Hahahahahaah so we got our new group photo taken today! Hopefully it’ll be up soon here: (LIKE US IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY,THANK YOU!)

2.ToonBoom screwed us up

Yup, it did. Thank you toonboom. We won’t trust you very much now.Because Veda did exactly what we’ve been advised to–back up 2 files with different names, and save it in the common server.And still it had to happen.

And it was VEDA’s work that it screwed up.It just had to be her work. Remember what we mentioned about Veda’s trees turning out really awesome?That’s it.It’s gone now.It’s up in file heaven.

That got us all so upset even though we weren’t the ones in charge of it, it was part of our animation as a group, and it was difficult to let go of something you’re so happy with and you spent hours working on, you know? :/

But that said, Veda responded to it strong.Teared up a little, but immediately picked herself up and redid it. That’s something we should all learn from–no point crying over spilt milk, you just gotta accept what’s happened and FIX IT. Kudos to Veda for that. πŸ™‚

3 .Kah Mun and Keying

After that unfortunate loss of work, we found it hard to continue working because we lost a lot of our drive.While Jie Lyn and Veda went to get dinner at McDonald’s, Kah Mun actually stayed back to key more scenes of 2 more shadows, so that was really efficient.Yay.But Kah Mun’s gonna be gone for Japan for the whole of next week, so i guess it’s only right that she makes up for that by putting in extra effort, which we appreciate! Thanks Chan Kah Mun! πŸ™‚

4. OT

And today was also the second day we worked over time, except this time we stayed till almost 10(or 9+?), which is record-breaking, I think.

5. 90 likes on facebook page!

So a couple of days ago we set up a facebook page linked to our twitter because we have like only 11 followers on twitter which is..sad. 😦 So we figured that more people have facebook and that this would reach more people. So we reached 90 likes today, which is great, but the number of likes doesn’t seem to be growing much anymore, so please please please help show your support by liking our page, following us on twitter and instagram and of course, liking our group on the official nemation top 10 facebook app! Thank you and we’ll see you next week for week 2 of production! Cheers!



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