we have finally remembered to throwback on Thursday instead of every other day BUT Thursday.

so to start off, notice that we updated every day except Day 1. well, that was due to unforeseen circumstances (like being buried under work and stress with fatigue and procrastination at its best). so, we have decided to bring all that to this post (sorry its like a million years late haha) and do our favourite THROWBACK.

to be honest, none of us knows how to throwback so pardon us if we don’t do it “correctly” becos this was a impulsive moment.

SO, MONDAY. Monday was a sad, sad day for us becos the workload was unexpectedly heavy and basically crying and dying noises was every where. those depressing moments.

however, there were the fun parts too, of course. like how we had some very unexpectedly huge welcome from the instructors (that was really nice of them) and a quick recap of the past events with a quick look at the PRIZES up for grabs.

everyone was really excited over the iPads and DS but honestly, for some reason, our group was just very very tired (too early for electronic devices man) but the Canon camera seemed pretty cool. only if you are 3rd or 2nd so…oh well.

reality kicks in anyway and we headed over to our tents to start work. YES THE TENTS. mainly, it was just Xiao Tong being really hyped. there was the 3 sacred pacas (thanks to tong’s sister), a pink basket (for random leftover snacks) and an A4 full blown for scaring people Smiling Titan from our all time fave anime SNK in full colour and 48 teeth grinning at us while we work. you can say, pretty much perfect. to us, at least ahahaha.

so the first day’s excitement ends here becos the rest of it was hardcore drawing /cries/ but that is the past.

back to the present and maybe, the future.

DAY 4 just ended and the 4 of us are pretty much dead tired on our feet. we finished editing the characters and props today and also, learned how to use our animating software so officially, ANIMATING STARTS TOMORROW DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN.

the true, true, hardcore work. on a serious note, we look forward to the satisfaction of the end product through all that hardwork and (between the hardwork) the fun times we had (heh) together. and to get there, we have to push on so OF COURSE ALL GEARED FOR TMR’S BATTLE MAN.

meanwhile, a quick update on our session with our Ambassador Karen today!! 😀

she’s a SG blogger helping us promote our team and she dropped by today afternoon for a quick visit, some photos and self introduction. she got to know about how our story was based on our self-composed song ((hint hint)) and learned about how we were gonna go about animating the story! 🙂

she was really really nice and had really nice hair hahaha it was a bit awkward at first but we managed to have a nice chat with her and it was all okay in the end! on Monday, she’s coming over for a visit again so look out for that!! ;);)

and with that, this ends our updates on our NEmation in-studio updates…FOR NOW. remember to stay tuned for more more exciting news and of course check out our social media!!

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and the last section here for today, as a team, we would like to dedicate this part to all our supporters out there, thank you for your support. it may seem small and insignificant especially since it has nothing to with our animation, you all motivate us!! and yall are a small group now, but we are glad for you to be here, friends and family.


once upon a time…

so, tong brought pistachio nuts to snack on for everyone today. however, grace, who was not used to eating them had a hard time cracking the shell. tong, being the nice friend she is, helped her.

and becos of supernatural strength, tong cracked opened all the shells easily without effort. becos of that, grace was really impressed.

grace: “you are ‘the opener’ of nuts!! haha”

suddenly, Sheryl decided to join in the conversation and she thought of a really, really awesome pun.

Sheryl: “omg, tong, you are the ‘NUTcracker'”


here’s a paca, there’s a paca, paca paca duck! ^^


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