Hi there!

Soooo, the first week ended.

Our off days are over and its the first day of the second week 😀

So even though we were supposed to finih  the rotoscope by the end of last week, we are currently behind time *cries*

On the first day our instructor said we were making good progress. We were relatively at a good pace, but i guess frustration kind of built up due to lack of rest since we had to work for almost 12 hours a day..

So the weekends came and i just took advantage of it and totally rested. For the entire two days i spent all my time in bed watching… Japanese…. Dramas … >_> I cried at some parts. *laughs* 

I am just gonna confess that i bathed around 11pm and i squandered my money on snacks i could eat while watching. I need to manage money better.

I was actually kind of shocked that i didnt spend time watching anime instead since I am an animefreak… *awkward laughter* But it was kind of fun watching dramas.

So its probably really weird reading all this since I kind of talk about stuff here and there and everywhere…

OH! If you’re wondering what I watched, one of them is a new drama which only has one episode as far as i have checked on Saturday, is Otto no Kanojo. Its about a woman who thinks her husband is cheating on her and tries to “pay” (i don’t know any appropriate word :I) the ‘girlfriend’ to leave her husband alone. But they meet a witch which switches their bodies and mind. 

Others i watched are Rich Man, Poor Woman and i am currently watching Last Cinderella. Its kind of bad to get sucked in to watching the drama since i end up sleeping at 2am plus.

So thanks for reading this and if you would like to blabber about the dramas i watched or recommend me anything to watch, please comment!!

Oh, i havent introduced myself.

I’m Trish, the ‘megane-con-fetish-thing-word’ ._. HAHA thanks for reading till the end ^^. My Team and I really appreciate it and please do comment 🙂

Oh and if you want to look for my team, You can find us on Instagram and twitter, just type in the hashtag #NE8C09 . PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK TOO DAHHAHAHHAHAH https://www.facebook.com/#!/nemation/app_173234789528248 (if yeww forgot, we are UnicornsAndRainbows;) )

It was probably weird without a photo so i shall insert a random photo of my anime crush.

Credits to Axis33 on deviantart. if you cant see it but wish to, this is the link: http://www.deviantart.com/?q=szayel#/art/Szayel-87925553?_sid=3ca2ef04

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