Hashtag: Day Six – Start of Week Two!

Good morning from Hashtag once again! (hopefully its morning if not awkward…) So with the last filming of our productions, we are filming James, the busdriver! (I mean, he KINDA passes off as one XD)

Also, many thanks to Jason, from Team Synch! As one of our videos were slightly off and required a retake, Jason volunteered to help us! #AwesomeSynch #AwesomeJason With that, we finished filming once and for all for every single take in our video! By the way, he was acting as an NS man who is jogging.

So we proceeded to editing and keying of the scenes. We all new Ryan was good, and Ryan was a computer wizard. Who would have known the true extent of his powers!

Yes he is totally floating. (No lying seriously!) You could not possibly believe that right?! Now look at the amount of water we are drinking!

Well a day in the life of Hashtag I guess 🙂

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