Guess what happened on the first day of week 2?

1. Substicki Laufeyson

To make a very long story short, Mr Alvin (but we call him Bob, which would be another story to tell next time) has this Pokemon toy called Substitute. After many incidences of abductio– I mean, adoption, we got our hands on Substitute. Since we adopted him, we decided to Loki-fy him (or however you may want to describe it as). Loki reference: he’s adopted.

Well, JJ, CS and Char got busy making Substitute horns out of cardboard and duct tape, and Char even made a green cape. The end product?


Substicki Laufeyson! I CHOOSE YOU!

2. Sour Worms

We also broke open a pack of sour gummy worms. (That I did not eat because I don’t really like sour stuff ><) In a sudden bout of goodness-knows-what, Char and I walked around and offered the sour worms to everyone from the different tents. It was pretty fun, and we got to know our neighbours a little better. Or rather, at least now we know who will eat our gummies and who won't. 😛

3. Talking about life over lunch

Yes, I know it's Monday, and it's a bit early to be talking about life. But really, we had this semi-serious talk about the meaning of life which, we concluded, was ________________ (I'm not allowed to type it here). But suffice to say, it was an interesting conversation.

4. Adrian, Roger and Eric

Last (but definitely not least) on the list would be the three scrooges. Okay, not scrooges, though scrooges are the current only thing that come to mind when we're talking about a group of 3 people.

So who are the three?

Why, they're the cameramen!

We were eating lunch and we started talking to them later on. We also realized we didn't know their names. *feels super guilty sorrysorrysorry* Thus, in Momento Mori fashion, we gave them names. CS was the one who suggested the names, which were Adrian, Roger and Eric.

Of course, we later asked them what their real names were.

But on a related note, we also want to thank the cameramen for all the work they've put together. Goodness knows all the rubbish they've heard me spout in front of the camera whoops.

They are (to me) very behind-the-scenes and I rarely see pics of them, so here are some:

Derek (aka Eric) :)

Banglin (aka Adrian) :)

Kim Yong (aka Roger) :)

[Sorry the pics are so blur.]

Anyway, as you can see, we’ve had a pretty eventful Monday. Time to rest. Looking forward to the rest of the week, and I hope we get lots of things done!

Stay tuned for more!

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