Ryan on Production Day 6!


So much to do in so little time but we are pulling through well! I’m really happy about our progress so far and the amount of experienced we’ve gathered over the 7 days.

Learning lots of new software such as After Effects and Toon Boom, all extremely complicated as well. Hahas. Hopefully I pick it up fast! We need to complete all our animation by TOMORROW! D: THAT’S INSANE! We still short of a few scenes.

We need to finish quick because the projector will be brought in on Wednesda where we will be filming ourselves with projections of our animation. I’m really excited about the project(get it) cause its something that I find is new and hopefully unique in NEmation. It hasn’t been tried out before in the competition so I really hope everything goes smoothly! Fingers crossed!

And a big Shout out to Kah Mun who leaves to Japan TONIGHT for her Japan film festival! With the shortage of manpower we needa pick up the pace!!!!!

GAAHHAAHAHAH!!! Say hello to sleepless nights and coming back home at 10.30. hahas.

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