Hashtag: Day Eight – Stress Relievers :)

Hashtag once again, back to entertain you with another blog post πŸ™‚ So throughout the one and a half weeks, we have been talking much about our work and how we are progressing. So I guess its time to share with you some of what we do in our break time!

Yes, that is Ben, playing the ukulele! Well, there is not much to say… (not in a good way XD) I guess someone is in dire need of some music lessons πŸ˜›

And here, we have good ol’ Joshua! Eating up some chips as he rests (slacks*) during work! Damn, Joshua is such a hogger man 😦

Don’t forget the coffee, which keeps us alive! Too bad Matthew only bought Starbucks for himself. Tsktsk, what a teammate! So caring and concern 😦 (just joking) Anyway, just to have a TINY update on our work: we are now starting to tear the backgrounds and arrange them nicely (under the harsh scrutiny of Ms Hazel and Mr Alvin T.T). Time to put the Photoshop skills we have learnt in school to work!

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