Hashtag: Day Seven – Exhausted!

Late greetings from team Hashtag! We are now on to photo shopping and editing the backgrounds to tear different objects out! Also, we made some tiny changes in the direction of our animation. And boy, is it hard work! Take a look at Joshua!

Poor little Joshua! So exhausted from all the editing XD And yes, we have another photo of Joshua, suffering through the process!

Yes, poor Joshua is underneath the keyboard :1 Joshua sure been through so much *fun* these days πŸ˜€ Luckily, we always have a great supply of London Choco Rolls to refill us!

Omnomnomnom. That’s why we don’t eat breakfast before coming to NEmation. Too many snacks, too little time 😦 Anyways, may the power of Loki guide us through the rest of the production week!

Also, we have a message from Delta Gaytors: OMGDELTAGAYTORSSOFABZZZ -approved by Rachel. Now, we have the shameless plugins for ourselves:

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