Momento Mori: Watching From Afar

HIIIIIIIIIIIII Charlene here today! Shocking right? The one time someone else posts a blogpost and it is me the one with the worst standard of English. YEY!

Anyways today’s blogpost is not about me nor is any blogpost about me ((sad smile)) but we are featuring the trainers and cameramen of N.E.Mation 8! Today during our free time we went on Facebook and started well searching for our trainer, Ms Elaine. Afterwhich we found a lot more trainers Facebooks including the Cameramen!!!

Some would say it’s stalking but I believe it is watching from afar.

So we found: Animagine (company), Mr Wei Siong, Mr Joshua, Ms Elaine (OH and her Fiance), Mr Shafiq (waterbottle guy), Mr El, Mr James, Ms Wei Lin, Mr Alvin Pang, Mr Dickson, Ms Yan Ting, Mr Derek (cameraman#1), Mr Kim Yong (cameraman#2), Mr Bang Lin (cameraman#3), Ms Hazel, Ms Jamie, Ms Sara and last but not least Bob.

Yes we found you Bob. The hamster profile picture does not protect your identity.

Well we certainly watch out for the people around us, and we will definitely keep looking out for the rest.

Stay tuned for more!

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