Hey everyone! So the day has finally come for us to complete the animating of our scenes! We had a lot of things we needed to get done by today, and it was especially hard since KahMun decided to leave us and fly to Japan Dx We were one person short, and we were only done with 2 scenes out of 6. You can’t imagine how much work we each had to complete. 

Ryan working on his scene

Jie Lyn’s head is slowly becoming similar to her Big Bird’s

So of course, with all the work we had to complete, and us (or rather just me) being excellent procrastinators (we still get our work done don’t worry), we decided to take a break and have a little fun instead. So while Jie Lyn and I were busy touching up and compositing our scenes, Ryan took a break from his and decided to get something from the pantry. Our instructor, Jamie, was in her other team’s tent (Alpacalypse) and happened to hear Ryan bounding down the pathway leading to our tent. Since Alpacalypse’s tent sheet was closed, poor Ryan didn’t see her at all. And so of course, Jamie waited for the opportune time to draw open the tent, revealing herself suddenly to a clueless, bounding Ryan. You could only imagine his face when Jamie popped out of the tent. He literally looked like this à OoO/  with his hands in the air. Jamie couldn’t stop laughing for a good 10 minutes >:D

 As might be expected, Ryan of course had to have his revenge. And this is what he did. 

“You’re next Jamie…” ~ Ryan


Jie Lyn and Ryan setting up their prank and gagging Big Bird.

Poor Big Bird >< He was hanged for an hour.

We also had a pleasant meal with our junior SOTA team, Dairy Products. It was really nice to finally sit down and talk to them properly, since we rarely had a chance to chat with them during the first week. They are probably one of the nicest, most generous juniors / people I’ve ever met. They even baked brownies and chocolate cake for the entire top 10 teams and instructors as encouragement (Thanks Caleb!)!

Dewei, Caleb and Ian 🙂

I really do hope we get to have lunch together again soon! I suppose I would also like to add how much we would like to get to know other teams even better, especially those around our tent. With us being 16, I think we’re probably one of the oldest teams in the competition, which can sometimes be a bit of a downer when we see people younger than us being able to create fantastic animations. All the same, I do feel we take this competition perhaps a lot more seriously than other teams, because all of us (Jie Lyn, Ryan and I), are really passionate about animation, and we all share the same dream / goal, of working in Pixar one day. This is probably why this competition means so much to us, because it’s probably an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a free trip to the US, especially an animation studio. It would really provide us with a LOT of insight into what’s in for us when we get our jobs in the industry.

Alpacalypse’s basket feat their adorable Alpaca maid.

Another interesting encounter today was our exchange with Alpacalypse. Because they are also another generous team and were going around sharing their food with everyone else, I decided to give them a little thank you gift in the form of packets of biscuits and just a thank you note. We definitely did not expect them to return us a whole basket of snacks, which made us feel really, really bad since we were only able to give them 4 measly packets of biscuits. But we appreciated it all the same, and are very thankful and touched by their actions (Thank you :))! It was a little problematic returning the basket though, because we decided to place Mike inside the basket as well who was to serve as our “thank you” messenger. They again returned the basket with Mike inside, just that this time it included Baci chocolates from Momento Mori (another neighbouring team). We really didn’t know how to return the basket then, because we felt really bad for returning an empty basket ahahaaa…

All in all, we were able to complete all our scenes (except one) YAY!!!! I think we were all pretty proud of ourselves for managing to complete almost everything, especially with some of the complications we had earlier on in the week. Of course, we do have to touch up on the scenes, and complete our last one by tomorrow. However we didn’t expect to have so much to touch up after Mr Ellery came by to inspect our works. He gave really good critique and suggestions on how to improve our works. Ryan probably has the most to do, since his scene is the most difficult, and by the time Mr El was done, Ryan was “internally bleeding” because of how much he had to touch up on. But I have faith he’ll do a fantastic job 🙂 And of course, Jie Lyn and I will try to help him as much as possible tomorrow. We’re really proud of ourselves, and how much we’ve been able to accomplish.However, we do need to increase our audience in our social media, and it would be really great if we could get more likes / shares / followers on all our social media stuff stated below 🙂



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Mike with his cookie. Vote / Like / Follow us for more

~Veda 🙂

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