Week One: 11 Strong Water Chugging

Hey Sup Yo alligaytors!

Week One of production is finally over, finally? Yes no?

It was a pretty busy week for all of us since we have multiple school events to attend to and three out of four gaytors were down with red, droopy noses. But nonetheless, we are still progressing well with our production. And half of our supply of food are already gone.

And a sneak peek to next week will be the main attraction in our tent; that awesomely cool set up we have that took up half of our lovely swamp.

Anyways, Episode 5 of OUAS is out and we hope you’ve watched the past 4 episodes already!


Week One was pretty fun, 50 50 maybe? We did lots of pranks and had our fair share of ‘reactions’. Though as mentioned in Day Five’s post, our Dettol refreshing sprays were confiscated 😦 We are very sad. But we managed to end it off with a 11 people strong water chugging session!

But it’s okay.

As week two approaches us, we promise to bring more fun!

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