Day Six: Catching Fire

And we’re back to boot camp again! You can smell the fabulousness even before you see us. So far we’ve been making ourselves really comfortable and “friendly”, hopefully we don’t do stuff that annoy you too much haha. We’ve done the pranks, we’ve done the water chugging, wondering what’s up next this week?

Gwyneth bought 4 tubes of Henna for us, so get it when we say you can smell us before you see us? HAHA. We brought out our hidden tattoo artist genes to work today.

Fortunately, though we play so much, we’re very very on time BOOYEAH! We’re halfway through our animations, though there’s still lots of room for improvement. No pranks for today, but don’t worry we have tricks right under our sleeves. watch your back. 

Ohy! EXCELLENT NEWS! We’ve hit 500 likes on our official page! Thank you so much for responding to our facebook messages if you’re our friends, but that’s definitely not the end! WE STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO! So do support us and like the page! Rachel was throwing invisible confetti when our numbers hit 500 HAHA.

As for today, we’re lucky we don’t have to stay for the night! Well that’s because Catching Fire is waiting for us that night! To further our awkward friendship with our neighbours, we watched it with Hashtag. Yeah whatever you think haha, but it’s always good to make new friends right! right! right! The movie was extremely nerve-wrecking we had a few scares here and there but it was really well done overall! Except the ending wasn’t even AN ENDING, it left our insecure hearts wandering around everywhere. (what, Rachel nice composition skills)

you see what Teresa mean by good composition skills now.

So that’s about it for Day 6, stay tuned to our next post! Meanwhile please please continue to support us! And before we gaytor-off, do like and follow and subscribe to us!


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