Hashtag: Day Nine – Tearing!

Day nine into production already? Anyways, our team’s journey continues with the tearing of backgrounds! Now what exactly is tearing…

What is tearing you might ask,
Hear this process don’t make a fuss.
Tearing is about rough edges,
Torn out of A4 pages.
Photoshop the tool we choose,
And the scanner is what we use.
To scan the tears and arranged them good,
Before we go and eat out food.
They must have variation,
And also have differentiation.
Tearing is about paper,
And it must get approved by Ms Hazel. (T.T)

That short poem describes what tearing is! We scan tears from paper into Photoshop and arrange them such that they can form almost a tear shape for certain objects in our background.

And that is Ms Hazel approving our work! If it doesn’t get approved, we must then proceed to touch up on it, being a quality check.

Matthew after many rounds of quality check by Ms Hazel! (and many rounds of retouching!)

There’s a sneak peak of some of our tears in our backgrounds! We are really trying to pull the paper effect out 😉

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